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                                                                      KAYWAN GENERAL TRADING L.L.C.

                                                                                                COMPANY PROFILE

KAYWAN GENERAL TRADING L.L.C. was established on 2nd of March 1992, specializing in supply of Agricultural machinery and implement, laser
land leveling and irrigation products , and representing  4  United States manufacturers listed below,  in  Middle East, Africa, and the Central Asian

The founder of Kaywan Trading, Mr.
Siamak Michael Bazergan is a British National, post graduate from Imperial College of Science and Technology,
University of London, England, and has been a self employed entrepreneur businessman all his working life since 1976.He moved to UAE from UK in
1990 Upon request of the US manufacturers , to follow up supply for a major project in earthmoving , land leveling , and transportation equipment to the
Sugar cane industry in Iran.  After the imposition of US Embargo on Iran, he continued expanding sales of products from his US manufacturers as well
as, plant and equipment, tires, and spare parts from other International and local manufacturer and suppliers, to his existing clients in the African
continent, Middle Eastern customers as well as the Ministries and Governmental and non Governmental purchasing agencies in the Central Asian

Currently Kaywan General Trading cooperates closely with Major Trading partners such as IPC Group of companies , CNH (Case New Holland group),
John Deere, and Zeppelin International in Turkmenistan.
                                               Companies Represented by Kaywan General Trading L.L.C. in the region.

  • 1-  Rome Plow Equipment Company L.L.C.
475 Sixth Street, P. O. Bo 48 Cedartown,Georgia 30125 U.S.A.
Tel : +1 770 748 4450   Fax: +1 770 748 4427   Website :

  • 2-  Reynolds international L.P.
P.O. Box 550, McAllen, Texas 78505-0550 U.S.A.
Tel: + 1 956 687 7500   Fax : +1 956 687 3082    Website :

  • 3-  Topcon positioning systems Inc
7400 National Drive, Livermore, California CA 94551 U.S.A.
Tel: +1 925 245 8300   Fax: +1 925 245 8596     Web site:

  • 4-  VANGUARD Technologies L.L.C.
3750N. W. 62nd Street, Miami,  Florida 33147-7538 U.S.A.
Shareholders of the Company
Kaywan General Trading is a Limited Liability Company and has two share Holders:

1-        Siamak Michael Bazergan                                British National                 49%
2-        Jasem Mohammed Abdullah Ali Kukhardi        UAE     National                51%

As per rules governing any enterprise established by a foreign national in UAE.  Such Company only can exist if it has a local partner holding minimum
51% shares.   

Financial Structure and Capital of the Company
The Capital of Kaywan General Trading was increased on 17th of January 2008 from AED 300,000 to AED 1000,000 and is fully paid.
Global offices of the Company

Head Office          :          Kaywan General Trading L.L.C.
            246, Umm Sequim Building,
            Intersection 3, Sheikh Zayed Road,
            P. O. Box 37790 AL-Quos,
Dubai – UAE
Tel: +9714 3385340 Fax: +9714 3385341

Ashgabat Office        :        Turkmen – Kaywan Ltd.,
            1958 Street, Block 42, First Floor
            744000, Ashgabat – Turkmenistan
            Tel: +993 12 226376 Fax: +993 12 222340

Toshkent office        :        Kaywan General Trading L.L.C. (Rep Branch office)
           Mirzo-Ulugbek Block, Kahhar Street, House No 1
           Tel: +99897 7033250
Number of employees in different offices:

Location of the office                                                                      Number of Employees

Kaywan General Trading Head Office    Dubai – U.A.E.                       11 Personnel

Ajman and Sharjah Branches office,   U.A.E.                                         3 Personnel

Ashgabat Turkmenistan                                                                        14 Personnel

Toshkent Uzbekistan                                                                              2 Personnel        
Group Total                                                                                        30 Personnel

Main Activities of the Group:

As explained earlier Kaywan General Trading is deeply involved in support of Agricultural equipment and carries with itself products of world famous brand
names such as
Rome Plow , Reynolds International and TopCon laser new technologies for land levelling and preparation as well as variouse water
saving schemes.  However in addition as implied in its title, Kaywan is a General Trader with routes in supply of essential equipment for agricultural
machines as well as spare parts and lubricants needed to keep the machines running.  We are more than happy to offer our services to you for any of the
products within our scope of activities and hope to be able to retain you as a satisfied client adding to our existing partners who rely on us for their regular
Kindly write to us with your enquiries to info@k1gtc.com and rest assure we will be back to you in the shortest possible time.
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